My name is Brennan Echols. I am a 2009 graduate of Auburn High School. My wife Shakari and I have two children, Christian and Sidney. I formerly served my community for four years as a firefighter, and I am currently a certified deputy in the state of Alabama. I am also currently a coach for the Auburn Raptors 6th grade boys basketball team.

My mentors Lewis Echols, Coach Frank Tolbert and Dominique Reese have all played significant roles in my life as well as my growth as a young man. They shaped the way I view challenges that are placed before me and helped me to become more driven when pursuing my goals. I believe that it is important for our youth to have positive influences in their lives, as well as people to push them to reach their full potential.

I am looking forward to working with the youth through A² and impacting them by providing them with skills and knowledge that they can utilize for the rest of their lives.