My name is Terrence Melton. I graduated from Auburn High School in 2009 and continued my education at Auburn University at Montgomery where I received my bachelor’s of business administration in 2016. I have recently returned to Auburn and accepted the position of store manger of Sherwin Williams on South College Street.
Throughout my life I have had the pleasure of not only being a mentor to young men, but also being a mentee. My mentors have instilled in me the knowledge of appropriate decision making, hard-work, dedication, and ambition. One mentor that has invested in me throughout my entire life is my father; he provided me with tough love when I missed the mark and simply encouraged me to keep up the good work when I was successful. 
The commitment that my mentors provided to me initiated and continued the growth of creating a better man. Because of their diligence towards my future, I am excited about becoming a mentor. I want to be able to instill in my mentee the tools that will allow them to be one step closer to achieving their current and future goals.